Chemical Hazards Course

Chemical Hazards Course

Chemical Hazards Course

The Chemical Hazards Course is aimed for all employees whose main tasks are to handle chemical products & by-products. This training  focuses in identifying standard risks or hazards which are inherent to the activity, building, facility or considered infrastructure, as well as identifying and using the correct means of protection against these risks & proceedings to follow in the event of an emergency. 

It will provide the employee with the right technical knowledge to act against a leakage & to fight a fire in an efficient and safe way, as well as to be able to eliminate or minimise all material & human damages. This training will be focusing in the different chemical products that the employee is handling on a daily basis at the company that has requested this training. Our specialists that range between proficiency in chemistry, safety and fire-fighting, will provide technical cards for each product studied, to take a deep look into their composition, the basis of the product’s possible hazards prevention, fire-fighting chemical originated fire outbreaks & providing first-aid for chemical wounds. All exercise drills will be performed by the trainee at a Fire Field, in which he will be able to put out a real chemical originated fire inside a specified chemical hazards module. This module disposes of a chemical pipe system tower, that will illustrate the best means to control leakage. The Fire Field is also equipped with an arrow structured system to reproduce a real live scale propane gas fire outbreak. All trainees will also be shown how to fight against fire-outbreaks & large scale fires in confined spaces, as well as outdooors, by means of using an equipped fire-hydrant, fire-extinguishers & portable fire-hoses. The techniques to evacuate a smoke simulated environment will be consolidated by each student. We will instruct on how to¬†properly wear the autonomous breathing device & other protective equipment. We will also show means to put out a fire outbreak without using any fire fighting equipment.

The equipment and modules used in drill exercises will be the following: 

  • Individual Protection Equipment
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers (PQS, CO2, Hydric & Foam)
  • Equipped Fire Hydrants.
  • Portable fire-hoses.
  • Autonomous Breathing Equipment.¬†
  • Seagoing Container Modules.
  • Trays & fuel drums.¬†
  • Anti-chemical showers and eyewash.
  • Chemical Fire Simulation Tower
  • Chemical Hazards module.¬†
  • Gas-Arrow module.¬†
  • Industrial Machinery module.
  • Electrical Pannel module.¬†
  • Office module.¬†
  • Smoke simulated evacuation module.¬†¬†

It’s a remarkable feature that our Fire Field sets up various scenarios in which we can reproduce all types of real fire situations that can occur in any given enclosure or space, such as: offices, laboratories, vessels, industrial platforms, etc; which can be adapted in order to fulfil the needs of each customer.¬†

At ProNautic we have pioneered the design of a Fire Field in which water is recirculated and therefore, all water used is not completely wasted. We wish to put an emphasis in the fact that all modules have been thought to be completely safe for our students and personnel. Last but not least, the technical training is guaranteed by our professional instructors‘ backgrounds, that range from Fire-Fighters, to Engineers, Masters & Merchant Navy Officers, Doctors & Nurses).¬†

Complete course: 8 hours.

Intensive course: 6 hours. 

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