Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

Self-contained Breathing Apparatus

The Self-contained breathing apparatus course consists in training employees so that they will have the correct knowledge on these autonomous systems’ fundamentals, it’s different parts, their use’s advantages and cons, it’s basic functioning and how to use them in the most efficient and safe way during an eventual emergency originated at the workplace. Theory and practice will be performed at our Fire Field. Each student will dispose of a personal autonomous self-contained breathing apparatus, so he will be able to extinguish real solid, liquid & fuel originated fires, by fighting fire-outbreaks in confined spaces as well as outdoors, using an equipped fire-hydrant, fire-extinguishers & portable fire-hoses. 

Orientation techniques will be consolidated in order to be able to evacuate a smoke simulated environment. We will instruct on how to properly wear the autonomous breathing device & other protective equipment. All regulations that affect these equipment and their mandatory use in specific industries will be taught to the students. 

The equipment and modules used in drill exercises will be the following: 

  • Individual Protection Equipment
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers (PQS, CO2, Hydric & Foam)
  • Equipped Fire Hydrants.
  • Portable fire-hoses.
  • Self-contained Breathing Apparatus. 
  • Seagoing Containers. 
  • Industrial Machinery module. 
  • Electrical Pannel module. 
  • Office module. 
  • Smoke simulated evacuation module. 

It’s a remarkable feature that our Fire Field sets up various scenarios in which we can reproduce all types of real fire situations that can occur in any given enclosure or space, such as: offices, laboratories, vessels, industrial platforms, etc; which can be adapted in order to fulfil the needs of each customer

At ProNautic we have pioneered the design of a Fire Field in which water is recirculated and therefore, all water used is not completely wasted. We wish to put an emphasis in the fact that all modules have been thought to be completely safe for our students and personnel. Last but not least, the technical training is guaranteed by our professional instructors‘ backgrounds, that range from Fire-Fighters, to Engineers, Masters & Merchant Navy Officers, Doctors & Nurses). 

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