Quality Policy

PRONAUTIC TRAINING CENTRE from now on PRONAUTIC, is an entity that offers training in safety, prevention, fire fighting, security, quality and environment courses. STCW and other maritime courses included. Guarantees the training and know-how achievement of every student, by developing a strong build-up of competences and abilities of our collaborators, and by a management system that promotes access and shared use of the information. This gives us the oportunity to offer an ambiance that improves bonding and coresponsability of every employee. By defining our quality policy, our Management obliges itstelf to: 

  • To provide the economical, material and personal means to guarantee the correct developement of the system, and to outgrow the company, and to increase the volume of customers interested in our courses and products. 
  • To develop a top quality formative program that fits all maritime training standards. 
      • To embed and mantain an updated system for quality management and to keep improving the company’s quality standards to reach our goal to always improve our services and products.  
  • To see for the quality of all design processes, offer elaboration, marketing and communication, as well as offering high standards of academic administration, formative actions and evaluations.
  • To promote cooperation between entities, organisations and official bodies, as well as with society in general. 
  • To boost communication with transparency criteria within the organisation and with the general public. 
  • To guarantee qualification and specialisation of our trainers and teachers. 
  • To encourage refreshing and professionaly train our teachers and trainers. 
  • To prioritize customer care, by orienting our services to the full satisfaction of our customers. This said, we compromise to accomplish all requests within the liability policy towards our clients. 
  • To reply swiftly and promptly to the formative demands of our customers.
  • To improve day by day by following our “continued improvement” goals, through follow-up methods to measure quality feedback on the training offered. 
  • To accomplish normative standards appliable in the formative process. 

Signed Quality Policy